Souq Biladi's gift cart

Souq Biladi's gift cart is a gift delivered to the recipient at their home or workplace. With SouqBiladi's gift cart you control your recipients and the items you want to gift. You can add up to 100 or more recipients for the same gift. Simply add your beneficiaries' details in the given area and they will be saved in our database for future use. Another feature of this gift cart is the recurring gift cart,you can fill your cart with Souq Biladi's products then choose how often you want this gift to recur.For example, many Corporate entities such as law firms, banking, Medical and Pharmaceutical industries send higher end gift baskets for important clients to say 'thank you' for your business.

Gifting is an important gesture in showing appreciation and confidence. If you want to send a gift to your employees once every year you can set the recurring date to be annual so you don't have to go through the hassle of refilling the same gift basket every year.

Charity Baskets - This service from Souq biladi will help charitable organizations that distribute food and nonfood items to those who have difficulty purchasing their needs. Many charities use this gift cart to send aid to families in need. The charity simply adds the information along with the addresses of the families, fill the gift cart with products they wish to send and set their recurring date. By doing this, the charity will not go through the hassle of filling the cart and sending it every month.

1. Record Organization Data

Enter the official data and address of your organization.

2. Activate Account

Merchant will receive an email with the activation link for his account in

3. Beneficiary Details

Enter and save your beneficiary's details.

4. Fill Your Gift Basket

Choose the items you would like to purchase for your gift basket.

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